Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"You Are Too Nice"

My awesome friend Dave shared an article on Facebook from the Atlantic entitled, "Why It Pays To Be A Jerk."  It is worth a read if only to check out the academic definition of an asshole :-). Rather than extol either being a jerk or being nice, the article offered a definition of a "a disagreeable giver" - one who challenges ideas, and not people, to further the purpose of the group.

The article reminded me of how often, mostly early in my career, I was told "You Are Too Nice."  I heard it as cadet and as recently as one of the last few months I was in the Air Force.  It's true, I like things to be happy and fun.  I hate aggressive, argumentative confrontations (unless you are crossing me on my kids, husband or my Airmen, then watch out).  Sometimes niceness worked, and sometimes it didn't, but mostly I was lucky enough to work with great Airman to help me navigate sticky situations.

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