Thursday, May 7, 2015

Round Up of Awesomeness

I have no original thoughts right now. But there has been a lot of awesome thoughts by others that are making me smile, or inspiring me, or just making it easier to get through the day.  Enjoy!

Do you have great women in your life that inspire you?  Then you would probably agree with this:

Do you need to be inspired by leadership in action?  Credit to both an Air Force aircrew making lemonade out of lemons and a school staff that made use of a wonderful visual aid that dropped into their playground (in a controlled manner :-)) See the full story here.

Need inspiration in the form of a career mentor?  The Wall Street Journal suggests talking to your mother - which you should do anyway this Sunday.  

Need a chuckle over the use of sesquipedalian language we use? Read this proactive and impactful article by Gina Barreca.

YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST.  It's about champions, and includes interviews with Diana Nyad and Amy Purdy.

And last but not least, sometimes blasting a fun and frivolous tune in your car on a warm and sunny spring day can make a world of difference in your attitude.  Try out "I Got Bills" by Lunch Money Lewis.

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