Saturday, March 7, 2015

The "Free" Time Conundrum

We are leaving soon for a couple day ski trip and I just e-mailed a neighbor asking him to pick up our papers.  Since I just now put in the vacation stop, I can't stop them soon enough.  And I was home the last two days, because we live south of the Mason Dixon line and SNOW.  

A couple weeks ago we forked over nearly $400 to renew our kids passports.  This included about $100 in expedite fees because by the time I got the paper work, and an appointment, and an appointment on a day when I could have both my husband and the kids there in person, we were within 6 weeks of a planned spring break trip. If you haven't gotten passports for kids before, it is an awesome process: you cannot renew by mail, both parents must be present, and they are only good for 5 years, and the fees are the same as they are for 10 year adult passports.  

This is my conundrum.  I no longer work at the Pentagon.  I have reasonable, flexible work hours and can bring personal electronics with me to work if I need to catch up on "off duty" activities.  I can telework when needed.  My husband works mostly weekends so he is home during the week to help with kid logistics.  My kids can be home by them selves, so I am not racing to pick up before day care closes.  This should be the most productive time of my life.  


I suppose part of the problem is that I have incredibly high expectations.  Relaxing, chilling with my family, and sleeping are not wastes of time.  But it is so hard to take a step back and breathe.  

What do you do to take a breather?

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