Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another Take on Success

I am a sucker for the wedding and anniversary announcements in the weekend Art and Style section of the Washington Post.  And this weekend I came across this announcement that has been on my mind ever since I read it:

It's the last line that got me, "Bobbie Olive is a lovely home-maker that has insured the fundamental growth of the family through Christian values, promotion of scholastic achievements, proper wellness, etiquette and professionalism." Update the lingo a little and that would be quite a performance report bullet, wouldn't it?

We all choose different paths, and there are about a billion blog posts, articles and other rants about who has more challenges or is more accomplished - those that work outside the home or those that stay home to raise their families.  No doubt, 99% of us are somewhere in the middle, just trying to make it work, and maybe feel successful at what ever the "it" is.  

I don't know Bobbie, but she is now my hero.  She made it work - and has done so for 50 years - and you can too.

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