Monday, February 16, 2015

Equal Does Not Mean Same

I've been quiet on the blog for a bit, but have had this topic in mind for quite some time.  Have you seen this campaign by Always?  It played before the Superbowl, but it seemed to get spur lot of discussion after the game.  You can see the extended video HERE.

The Huffington Post did a round up of post-Superbowl #LikeAGirl twitter posts, and then the inevitable counter posts (Meninists - that's really a thing?) that's worth reading.  

I love the Like A Girl campaign, and here is why:  Being female comes with it's own unique strength.  Own it.  Be proud of it.  Don't hide it.

I feel that too often, in the military, in an effort to be a team member, we down play our female-ness so we can blend in.  In the terrific group on Facebook, USAF Women Officers Forum, there have been great discussion threads on service caps, hugging, bringing in baked goods, and professional socializing when you are a single woman in a leadership position.  All of these are worthy topics, but too often the easy answer is to blend in, and be more "one of the guys."

I get it.  It's not comfortable feeling like you are the only person in the unit with unique issues. To be treated 100% equally there is an urge to look and act like everyone else.  But teams are so much stronger when they are diverse and team mates have diverse points of view.  I know there are strengths I have that males don't have and vice versa.  To be treated equally doesn't mean we have to look and act the same as our male counterparts.  It does mean we need to study hard, work hard, and be strong.  I love the last line of the video, "Why can't run like a girl also mean win the race."  YES!

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