Sunday, February 22, 2015

6 Month Retire-a-versary - a report from the outside :-)

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I just realized that I have been a retiree for 6 months.  Huh.  Of course I am compelled to list the highs and lows :-)

- What TAP says about networking to find a job - true.  In my reluctant job search, the only two interviews I got were because of AF connections.
- The civilian definition of "work day" is way different outside of the Pentagon (at least for me, shorter and less stressful)
- Not working in a secure office means I can have my phone, personal laptop, etc
- You can fly way out of town over a weekend/holiday and not take any vacation time
- Picking out my own clothes to wear is still a pleasant novelty, and I do not miss wearing hats
- If both you and your spouse are woking, you can choose between three different medical and dental plans
- Because we didn't move, there wasn't much of a change to our support network, no change to schools, spouse employment, etc, which certainly made the transition pretty stress free

- Everything you have heard about the glacial pace of the VA - true
- Having options for medical and dental is only a 50% victory for us: a combo of non-military dental plans allowed us all to remain at our favorite nearby civilian dentist at the best price, but moving to the Tricare provider US Family Health hasn't been as successful (we need to do more provider shopping :-()
- They don't put pockets in girl clothes, at least not very usable ones
- Hmmmm, can't think of anything else.  I loved being in the AF, but it absolutely was the right time for me to leave.

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