Monday, January 23, 2023

It's All Good


I guess collecting awesome mantras I what I am all about these days. What can I say - I love words. When someone puts them together in a way that makes me think, I want to share with everyone.

These sage words are from Stacy London, queen icon of favorite show What Not to Wear in a recent Fast Company article, "Stacy London's Post-Pandemic Pivot Was Inspired By a Mistake She Made.

I'll bottom line it for you: her mistake was staying in a job too long because it was comfortable, and it took getting fired to get to a place that was actually right for her.

Here's the kicker, the advice that my younger self needed: "We cannot look at life as this trajectory where you choose one career path and then you’re stuck. I’m going into my fifth career. That does not mean that I was not successful in the other four, it means that I am allowing myself to evolve to what gives me meaning and purpose and a reason to get up every morning...If you play it safe because you’re uncomfortable with change, you will never know what else you are capable of."

This sounds impossible for someone in the military, who often receive a one sheet "career pyramid" when they are a lieutenant (do THIS and you will have a successful career). The secret they don't tell you is that there's far more wiggle room than you think. 

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