Thursday, December 22, 2022

Holiday Mantra

Yesterday I came home from Costco with a carton of 90 eggs. Did I need 90 eggs? Eventually, but not right now. They had either the 90 eggs package or nothing. Could I have made another stop at the grocery to get a "regular" amount of eggs? 100%. Why didn't I? Because my new and improved holiday (and soon to be 2023) mantra:

Don't Over Think It

We'll use the eggs, and I saved myself a stop at another chaotic location - a grocery store right before Christmas and a pending massive winter storm. 

For the record, I tend to over think (and re-think) EVERYTHING. It's the #1 thing I would like to change about myself. I'm not advocating abandoning common sense and other rules and regulations that keep the chaos relatively in check. I just want to reduce the "dither" and not constantly review the past for ways I should have done it better. 

Does it work right now with the information you have? Yes? Then do it. Done.

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