Sunday, July 3, 2022

Travel Diet Advice

I love to "collect" quotes, especially ones that I agree with :-) This one from Jon Acuff perfectly articulates a great way to approach two kinds of travel. When you travel for work, you may end up going on lots of group meals, have conference buffets, and find candy bowls on everyone's desk. It's easy to over indulge, so you should aim for the opposite. 

But on vacation, when you (might) have total control over where, when and how much you eat, you might have a tendency to worry over all the calories. Umbrella drinks, dessert with every meal, and lots of treats you don't normally eat at home, yummmm. But oh, the diet. 

As Jon says, "You don’t have to go crazy on your vacation and undo all the good work you’ve done at home, but you also don’t need to ruin your vacation by counting each calorie in the DisneyWorld ice cream cone."  It's no fun for you, and kinda puts a damper on spontaneous donut shop and other local gem stops for others. 

Emma Bombeck has another favorite quote of mine: "Sieze the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic that waved off the dessert cart." 

It's all about keeping perspective and balance, right?

Note: I'm not a donut connoisseur, just travel with donut lovers (apparently). Here are two spontaneous donut shop stops in very different locations that are SO WORTH IT: Jellyfish Donuts in Ketchikan, Alaska and Punalu'u Bake Shop on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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