Thursday, February 3, 2022

Olympics: I Am All In


I read this article today, I'll Skip the Olympics, You Should Too, recommending skipping the Olympics because of many incredibly valid reasons: corruption, human rights, commercialization and a lack of accountability of the many organizations that are involved.  

I get where the author is coming from. The benefit of my military service is that overseas assignments and deployments opened my eyes to the inequities and hardships that exist in our world. I am not discounting at all the very necessary hard questions that we should be asking.

But to quote my husband, watching the Olympics is the opportunity to see someone perform at their absolute best. It's seeing the outcome, no matter what the final results, of a lifetime of personal work and sacrifice and support from family and coaches. Just pan the camera to parents in the crowd watching their kid live their dreams - my eyes tear up just thinking about it. 

I can't not watch. 

p.s. - I highly recommend following athletes for daily positive vibes (these are good ones to start with: @mrdavidwise, @jamieanderson, @hilaryknight, @mikaelashiffrin and USAF World Class Athlete @kellycurtisusa) 

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