Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Essential Travel Rules

As we get closer to vaccinating our population and building herd immunity, we can begin to dream about travel. To a new location, to see loved ones, or to just not be in your house anymore. My son and I were able to go see my mom last weekend, and the trip out west reminded me of some time tested travel rules. 

1. When given a choice of getting on a sooner flight and possibly separating from your luggage, or taking the later flight you've been rebooked on, always ditch the luggage. Clothes are (temporarily) replaceable, the memories of the trip you are headed out on are not. This is even more of a no brainer if you are on your return flight.

2. When your mom offers you snacks for your trip, take them. Especially if they are cookies. Inflight snacks and airport food can never compare.

3. When eating in an unfamiliar restaurant, resist the urge to not order the specialty. More clearly, when  you are at a burger restaurant with an extensive draft beer selection, don't order the Cubano sandwich and a margarita. You might think you are picking something "slightly" more healthy, but it rarely tastes better. In our family, this is known as the "don't order fish tacos when nowhere near the ocean" rule.

4. You can take your laptop and other work with you in your carry on, but a fun book is a far better way to enjoy your flight. You might already feel like you have no boundaries between fun and work during WFH, why not take a break? The less brain-y the better. Lately I have been re-reading the Bridgerton series (thanks Netflix).

5. This inexpensive item, known in our family as the "electronic hooka," is in all of our bags. With the hooka you'll only have to find one outlet way behind the bed in the guest room. Also remember a battery for your e-stuff if you are flying. I always forget, but the men in my family never do, thankfully.

6. Compliments are free and priceless at the same time. My son does this effortlessly. The TSA agent's earrings, the flight attendant's mask, and the gate agent's rad hair style all got compliments from him and he received beaming smiles in return. Amazing.

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