Thursday, October 31, 2019


Imagine a world where the online smack down is so loud that it shutters businesses, and leads to in-person shout downs. Imagine a world that shames you for supporting (aka, merely following) someone online that has crossed (some) line. Not so unusual these days, but what gave me pause is that this is happening in the world of knitting. KNITTING. The world of soft fibers and home made items meant to bring warmth and coziness to your life. What is this weird world we live in?

It feels good though, doesn't it, speaking out against those that you disagree with, especially when their speech or behavior is so egregious? Like booing the President during a World Series game.

This is what a favorite writer, Jennifer Weiner, wrote about in the New York Times recently, "Why Does It Feel So Good to See Trump Booed?" "If we've got to smear and slime and meme and mock our way to victory, who will we be after we've won? When does a necessary evil become just evil?"

And much as we might try, we will never be able to insult someone into agreeing with us. No matter what the "we" "them" or subject is. (Not my thought, but heck if I can find the article I read it in :-)). This simple statement has been winding around my brain and making me really think. Does it make you think too?

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