Friday, September 6, 2019

The Saddest Sign

I have been going to physical therapy for the last few weeks (I think the answer is "You're not 20 anymore," but we'll see if they can fix me up) and I pass this sign at a boutique-y fitness place across the street. I find it one of the saddest signs ever.

Firstly, $450? Seriously? But then I did the math, if you go 2-3 times a week for 12 weeks, that's $15-20 a class. Ok, that's reasonable.

But targeting brides and new moms - that's what makes me go UGHHHHHHH. Take two pretty momentous events in a women's life, filled with emotion and changes, and then say, "But you want to look good right? Everyone else does." I know this place is not the only one pushing this message, they just happened to fall across my path.  

It's hard to be comfortable being yourself when the world is full of products and trends and fads and celebrities telling you to be a better version, or at least, what they say is a better version. Fitness standards for women in the military, while important, are another thing that by being universal don't take into account your unique shape or where you are on the monthly cycle-kids-no kids-breast feeding-changing hormone levels-medication impacting continuum of your shape. Having my waist measured to prove my fitness for duty is the #1 thing I'm NOT missing as a retiree.

That's why I love, love, love the body positivity messages that are spreading on social media, especially by Lizzo and Jameela Jamil and long time advocate Jennifer Weiner (<----read her books!). Thanks for what you are saying dear sisters, and please keep it up!

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