Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Recent Amusements

Here are a couple things you should check out:

Two twitter feeds you need to follow for their happiness and positivity...

Another (amusing) case of men not understanding women: "Weeks after the government lifted its long standing female-driving ban, Saudi women are embracing not only driving, but driving fast, and loudly." See the entire article here.

On finding your passion: "focusing  too narrowly on one kind of interest can cause people to miss developing knowledge in other areas that could help them succeed in their field." See the entire article here.

So having books virtually piled up on my kindle, ingredients for unmade recipes lurking in my pantry, and a mini-Michaels store in my basement is actually a good thing? Yes!  Here's what I am currently exploring, making homemade macrons:

Find the ezpz recipe here.

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