Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Random Wrap Up of Goodness

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The family celebrations are winding down (see picture below for explanation) and I can sense that the slower pace of summer (ha ha!) is around the corner. I still yearn for the sweet delight of summers off from school, don't you? Sigh. Whether you are hunkered down at work in an over air conditioned office or you've gotten a chance to escape to the pool, here are some interesting reads:

NPR had a great interview with Jas Boothe, founder of Final Salute and the Ms. Veteran America competition. She was a fantastic panelist at this years Officer Women Leadership Symposium.

Need to see a breathtaking moment of friendship? Check out this video from a Minnesota high school baseball game. "Our friendship is more important than just the silly outcome of a game. I had to make sure he knew that before we celebrated."

Good beach reads: A Gentleman in Moscow, Less, Shelter in Place, Match Making for Beginners and Just the Funny Parts. That last one has an interesting tie to Lean In you wouldn't expect.

Tired of your over air conditioned cubicle? Turn your GI Bill into a professional pilot certification with the Forces to Flyers program.

I just came across this fascinating online shop called Sword & Plough. It's run by female veteran entrepreneurs who re-purpose military supply materials and incorporate veteran employees into every stage of the business (design, sewing, management, fulfillment, sales and even modeling). Their line of jewelry made from .50 caliber brass is so cool!

So why the family celebrations? This. Proud of my girl, but my goodness, where did this poised adult come from when I was just bringing her home from Wilford Hall yesterday?

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