Monday, January 29, 2018

It's So Worth It

Vacations ceased to be relaxing when car seats and strollers entered my life. Heck even a business trip wasn't time off, as my poor children would sometimes have to accompany me if that made their care easier.

But if you have read my blog or know me, the additional humans and equipment did not deter me from travel. Nope, nope-ity, nope. Never once was I in trouble for having use-or-lose leave.

That's why we left at 8pm Saturday, drove to West Virginia, and stayed in a questionable hotel, so that my family could spend the day skiing together. It's a crazy amount of effort just to spend a couple hours skiing, but it's what worked amongst all the other things going on. We had a great time together. 

I am not alone in this crazy desire to get away, or maybe I just collect friends that feel the same way. Two beloved friends have used the 4-day semester break of our local school system to get out of town with their families. One went to Rome, one met up with family to sail the Caribbean. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But I bet both will come home with awesome stories of their adventures. I can't wait to hear all about it.

As I said on this post, life speeds by pretty quickly. There will never, ever be a perfect time to leave work, school and home and get away. It only happens if you decide to make it so. And it doesn't have to be to a glamorous resort or cost tons of money. Take a step off the merry-go-round, pack everyone into the car, and do something crazy.

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