Monday, January 22, 2018

It Is Just a Blink

If you have kids, it's likely that at some point in your children's lives, most likely when the sweet darlings are throwing the mother of all temper tantrums, a well meaning but so not appreciated voice will gently remind you, "Enjoy it all, they will grow up in a blink."

There are tough days of parenting when that oft quoted advice seems so untrue. Will the diapers, stuffy noses, earth shattering dilemmas (like "I like mac cheese, just not this mac cheese"), ever, ever end?

Tomorrow is my sweet baby daughter's 18th birthday. It doesn't feel that momentous to her, she's actually kind of "meh" on it. But for me, it means my job as her mom is changing. I'm not sad about it - I am so excited to see what the world holds for her - but now I know for sure, yes, it does go by in a blink.

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