Thursday, September 21, 2017

Decisions, decisions

An amazing young woman wrote a post to the Air Force women officer's forum I am a member of on Facebook.  She's at a dream location, and because she is single, it's a 1 year assignment (bear with me my civilian readers...).  She wants to extend a year, partly because of the awesome location, but partly because she sees there are ways she can contribute and make things better. She has appealed to trusted mentors, who all agreed the timing for future moves would get thrown off by this 1 year extension. I disagree, 1000% (it's ONE YEAR in a lifetime of being an adult!), and commented so, and was pleasantly surprised to see several other commenters agreeing to "go with her heart."

These kinds of dilemmas happen in real life ALL, THE. DANG. TIME., don't they? So annoying!

Don't do XXX with your kids, it could ruin/spoil/delay them, or conversely, "You mean you haven't done XXX for your kids?" Don't live there, move there, buy that, eat that, wear that...instead it's better if you do XXXXXxxxxx....gah!

When your family, friends, trusted advisors, or just strangers online think you should do one thing, while your heart says to do the opposite, it's hard. They are all (hopefully) looking out for your best interests, but no one can possibly know how it, whatever it is, will turn out. There are a zillion unknown variables that will come in to play.

Please don't take this as permission to do something truly crazy or dangerous, but rather an appeal to go with your heart, run with it, and you might be surprised how things turn out. 

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