Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Busy Busy Busy

So it's been nearly a month since I posted, lots of stuff going on at our house, fun stuff, work stuff, kid stuff.  I forgot (and forget every year) that the time between spring break and the last day of school tends to be the most packed for us. Some things have been dropped inadvertently (like updating the May schedule for a church activity on May 2nd - oops) but most everyone understands.  I try not to be so wrapped up in it all to not pay attention to the important stuff (key word: try).

That's why I have found it frustrating to have a meeting at work changed to another date, for the third time.  It's not super important, it's not a meeting required to make a major decision, and it's with someone who outranks me.  Really, if we don't meet at all that's cool, but this person does have approval authority for my work schedule, so we should probably meet face-to-face at least once. This is not the only manager I work with that's nearly impossible to meet with due to a packed schedule, and the intent of this post is not to pick on any of them.  I sympathize, truly.

It's rather a reminder to me (and now you) to not fall into the over scheduled trap, in any aspect of your life. Everyone has a point where the level of activity gets so high that you cease to be effective at anything.  And it can creep up on you without you realizing it.

The people around you need your time and attention just as much as those that are demanding your attention outside of your immediate area of responsibility.  At work this is making sure you take care of your subordinates.  Spend time hanging out, keep time open on your schedule, keep your office door open.  This goes for volunteer work also. I am sometimes bad at this - dashing off after a volunteer gig without spending time to connect with my fellow volunteers.

At home this can mean any number of things - dinner at a senior citizen hour because that's when everyone is home, getting up a little earlier to get the dogs a longer walk because they need attention too, going to bed early because you've been burning the candle at both ends, or ignoring e-mails and writing a blog post :-).  Whatever it takes for you.

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