Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It's the Law (or It Should Be)

On the first warm sunny days of Spring, while you are driving, you MUST play music loudly while all your car windows are down.  MUST.

When I was deployed, the only time I was truly alone and in control of volume was on the drive from the main part of base around the airfield to where the control tower/my office was located. I played music as loud as I could stand it, just shy of harmful to my hearing. The drive was about one song long, and the right song could cure a lot -- and reset my attitude to positive. My squadron loved to tease me about it, because it was so loud they could hear the words to the song as I pulled up to the tower.  They even played my favorite (Pink's So What) at my change of command. Bless them.

In the super normal and benign world I live in now, I forgot that blasting the music with the windows open on those first warm sunny days is so awesome. And even more fun when your son is in the passenger seat helping to pick the tunes :-)

It should be the law - do it!

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