Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Travel Bug

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My current obsession is an upcoming trip over my kids' spring break. Like many of our travel adventures, it starts with an idea, something cooked up over dinner or during a long car ride. I say, "Let's just get to (the location) and then we'll figure it out from there" but my family knows me better than that. Before they know it I have made reservations, booked trains and rental cars, and have figured out a "rough" itinerary.  

They tease me about how much I am like my mother, a women who writes out itineraries with meal plans and dress codes, but I don't mind. My mother was born and raised in Ohio in the house that her mother was born and raised in. I am convinced she found my father especially attractive because he was a Navy man, and she would never, ever, live in the same mid-western town. My brother and I saw so much of the US and many other countries because of my Mom and her wanderlust. I wouldn't trade the memories with my Mom, Dad and brother for the world. My Mom still travels tons - she off on a Panama Canal cruise this spring.

This spring break is a perfect confluence of kids off of school, actual vacation for my husband (as an airline pilot you bid for time off and you get what you get) and my desire to cram as much family time as possible into my kids lives before they head off to college and adult life.  I. CAN'T. WAIT. 

If you are thinking of taking a trip to a dream location and work or schedule or other things are holding you back, I implore you to just do it!