Sunday, July 31, 2016

Best Way to Stay Cool in August... to stay inside and watch the Olympics.  You already know I love me a good sports movie, and watching the Olympics is like a two week long movie of awesomeness.  Watching amazing athletes, seeing them overcome so many challenges, the sappy Bob Costas narrated back stories, the wacky athlete ceremony outfits (remember these from 2 years ago?) and the "Thanks Mom" commercials.  I love it ALL.

What makes this Olympics special is that the US team has more women than men.  The Wall Street Journal had a great article about it, stating the the US women they "are the main reason why The Wall Street Journal is projecting that Team USA is going to reign supreme in both the gold and overall medal races."  

Title IX is now 44 years old - so almost all of the athletes on the team have grown up in a world of equal funding and support for women's athletics. "The current generation of female athletes have never known a world where young girls were not expected to play multiple sports as intensely as boys. Few other countries have female participation in sports so deeply woven into the fabric of youth culture."  So awesome.  

Did you know there are two members of the US Olympic team that are Air Force members?  
David Higgins - shooting
Cale Simmons - track and field

Join me in cheering on Team USA!

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