Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Mid-Year Resolution

In my Air Force days, the looming PT test motivated me to get to the gym, or at least, the month or so prior.  And the fit of my uniform motivated me to kick start a diet a couple years ago, the results of which I loved.  I mean, who doesn't like getting noticed because they have lost weight? Right before summer though, I realized that my weight was creeping back up, and got myself into a real panic.  I attempted to follow again the diet that had been successful for me in the past. But how do you eat healthy and lo-cal at baseball games, swim meets and on road trips? You can I am sure, but it takes so much discipline. And then I got frustrated and mad and bummed. Does this sound familiar?

So about the same time I decided to re-diet, my daughter and I joined the local gym. The physical therapy after her knee surgery was moving towards strength training and re-learning how to run, and required that she keep up on non-PT days. It's a great facility with lots of well maintained equipment that's close to the house.  We went about 3 times a week throughout the summer, and are aiming for that now that school has started.  Just in the last couple of weeks I've noticed changes in us both.  I see Emma doing more reps at higher weights, and a new confidence showing in how she carries herself.  She is definitely determined to punch torn ACLs in the face and come back stronger :-).  My changes are more internal.  I feel better about myself -- I like feeling strong.

So here is my resolution:  I want to be strong, not skinny.  And balance is my mantra.  I will try and eat healthy but I will not drive myself crazy when dinner has to be a quick burger at the game, with nary a veggie in sight.  I will keep up with our gym time. It's important not just for me but for my daughter too, which makes me a very happy Mom.

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