Monday, August 3, 2015

Fightin' Words

What I love about the internet: different perspectives, shared humor, and seeing how you and your family are doing on your latest adventure.

What I don't love about the internet: trolls and their opinions.  There is something about the anonymity of the internet that allows people to roll in immediately with a negative nuclear response. Especially on emotional issues, like all things motherhood related.

You can imagine, then, how much I enjoyed reading a recent blog post from Scary Mommy entitled, 5 Mommy Wars That Just Aren't Worth the Fight.  I loved these words under #5, The Other Wars:

"If there is more than one opinion that be had, prepare for battle and look the f(bomb) out because it's gonna get U-G-L-Y.  When the mentality of "you have no right to speak because I believe this, and I am right" prevails in our mom culture, what is left for us but shame, suffering, self-righteousness, competition, cattiness, judgement and misery? 

"It's time to wave the white flag and put the weapons down. Each mother has a story that is her own, be it perfect, tragic or in between.  Our words have the power to lift someone up or drag them down, and these so called "Mommy Wars" are a big f(bomb)ing waste of amazing feminine power.  Next time you're annoyed as (crap) by someone else's story, make a choice: will your words be weapons or will they be tools? Just let her have her story, even if you don't like it."

Funny side note - one of the comments predictably called the author an idiot.

I imagine all of us have taken issue with something someone has said or done.  There are so many out there, on every issue under the sun, in every facet of our culture, who believe "you have no right to speak because I believe this, and I am right,"  They have the first amendment right to express themselves, but any countering opinion could be construed as hate speech. Sigh.

Here is my hope for the world - that we learn to share an opinion without being insulting and without taking offense. Our founding fathers figured out how to do it, or at least they grudgingly agreed in the name of a greater good.  Put the verbal weapons down and share more pictures of your family and your crazy pets :-).  

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