Friday, June 12, 2015

Random Wrap Up

Just a couple random thoughts today, and telling you about them is clearly complete work avoidance on my part :-)

1.  Someone in the awesome Facebook group USAF Women Officers Forum posted a link to a Washington Post article, "Why Women Are Judged Far More Harshly Than Men For Leaving Work Early."  This sentence in particular I found interesting: "A working mother is more likely to judge herself harshly for spending time away from her family. Her colleagues are more likely to judge her, too - for working long hours or leaving the office earlier."  Sounds like a no win situation doesn't it? So maybe doing what you think is right for your family and for getting your work done is what you should focus on, and ignore the clock watchers :-)

2.  Speaking of motherhood...  I am a fan of a podcast put out by Aisha Tyler called Girl on Guy. This week she interviews Alison Rosen - someone I am not familiar with - but the start of the conversation was about attitudes that change as you turn 40 and beyond, and decisions about having children. I thought it was so honest and non-judgey.  Have a listen here.  

3.  I am a Jon Acuff fan.  His post today about telling yourself you are too busy to do something really hit home.  I too feel the call of the couch and brainless TV when I get home after a long day, always thinking that there is not enough time to start a project.  He recommends 15 minutes a day, that will stack up over time to something significant.  Read all about it here.  He's got a great post on learning to say no that is also worth a read.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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