Sunday, April 12, 2015


As I said in my last post/rant, taking time off is important, because distance or a change of location often gives perspective.  We got a chance to visit Bayeux Cathedral and Normandy over spring break.  It was one of the places we didn't get to see when we were stationed in Germany.  The cathedral is almost as big as Notre Dame in Paris:

Bayeux was the first city liberated after the D-Day landings, so it's no surprise that inside is a commemorative stained glass window depicting all the corps and divisional emblems of the D-Day Allied Forces. 

I didn't know at first it was a D-Day commemorative window, but the writing at the bottom caught my attention:

"continuing the same until it be thoroughly finished, which yieldeth the true glory."

Sometimes, the days feel hard, but any hardship is so ridiculously tiny when compared to what the Allies faced on D-Day, and for so many days after.  Walking on those beaches offered far more perspective than I expected.  


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