Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Staying on Top of Things Part 2

Just a quick post with an announcement, and some tips on keeping on top of things when time is short.

First for the announcement...I've figured out how to set up an e-mail subscription to this blog.  Any time there is a new post you should get it e-mailed to you.  Fingers crossed it works - everything I know about blogging I've learned through a lot of Googling and cut and pasting HTML code.

Now if you are up for reading more blogs, I would like to suggest Bloglovin.  You can either search within Bloglovin' for things that interest you or add addresses of blogs you've found elsewhere.  It's got an easy to use iPhone app too.  Need something fun to read?  Try the Duffel Blog.  It's like the Onion for the DoD and it's hilarious.

Another great way to keep up on current events?  Get in to podcasts.  This is what gets me through ugly DC traffic and twice daily dog walks.  I actually listen to more NPR via podcast than on the radio.  You can subscribe via iTunes, but I like to use an app called Stitcher.  It's free (or you can pay a couple bucks to avoid commercials), and it streams/updates/downloads pod casts automatically.  You can set it up to download via WiFi only so you don't burn through your data plan :-)

How do you keep on top of things?

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