Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Staying on Top of Things

I have a couple posts in mind - on mentoring, leadership, and other important things.  But today I thought I would share two things that keep my family organized.  Simple things but lifesavers none the less, and both having to do with calendars.

The first is that my husband and I have one e-mail designated for all things family - this is the e-mail that goes on all school forms and sports team rosters.  It is also the account that we use to keep an electronic calendar.  There are many kinds of devices and e-mail systems to use - for us it just happens to be iCal.  We started using this system about the time when we got our first iPhones, and my husband was actively flying for the Air Force and his schedule changed often (meaning  daily).  Having all of our family stuff on one calendar meant he could see the impact of a crew/mission change and answer his scheduler right away.  Now as an airline pilot he can see what's ahead when he bids next month's schedule.  I used to go TDY a lot too, so it was definitely an important tool to make sure we had "kid coverage."

Once we ditched any kind of paper schedule, life was up to date.  But as the kids got older, they needed a way to know if they needed to be ready to go somewhere or if they could "chill." We needed a way to keep them in the loop too.  Enter Pinterest, where I saw this idea.

Here is our version (sorry for the fuzzy picture):

(The clothes tax is a reduction in allowance if dirty clothes are left on the floor...
not really working :-/)

How to you keep everyone on schedule?

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