Thursday, September 11, 2014

And, We're Back!

I started this blog over a year ago, but time and other life events got the best of me, so it was set aside for a bit.  Life has changed a lot for me personally - I am now a civilian! But that doesn't change my love for the Air Force, and in particular for the Gals out there that are defending our freedom, taking care of their families, and making it all work. My intent is to cover topics that would interest all female Airman, but I have to start with what I know best - motherhood.

I looked up some advice I put together for an incredible woman who asked me my thoughts on balancing motherhood and the Air Force as she contemplated starting her own family. Here is the first part of what I sent her...please chime in with your comments on things you would add.

  • Know that you will always be tired and that 2 large travel mugs of coffee are the only way to remain awake for the rest of the duty day (for me…you might be a super hero). 
  • Know that you will learn to balance the family calendar and the stock of supplies in the fridge better than any loggie the AF has produced (and have all local take out places on speed dial).
  • Know that there is no shame in dressing your self and your children straight out of the load of clothes in the dryer (and there are benefits to not having to choose what to wear to work).
  •  Know that managing your family through all of its challenges will teach you far more about how to be an outstanding officer than any amount of PME reading.  Brief the wing commander after staying awake with a strep throat victim? Travel across country with a daughter with the worst case of poison ivy ever seen? Travel solo with two kids on a transatlantic flight, meeting your Mom in Virginia so you can go to a conference while your spouse is deployed? Billy Mitchell would have fallen like a house of cards.
  •  Know that you will have to spend time away from your spouse (so what’s new?) and your kids and really, on balance, it’s good for everyone—it makes time together that much sweeter and I promise they won’t become future derelicts (not even your spouse). 
  • Know that good enough will have to be good enough and perfection is your enemy.  My daughter had the terrible twos in spades, I was very, very pregnant with my son and my husband was deployed, and all I could think was, “Good Lord, what have I gotten myself in to.”  Did I mention it was one of the hottest Augusts in history? We had sandwiches for dinner at the pool like every night for 3 weeks.
  • Know that having your child say, “You look nice Mommy” when you are squeezed into your service dress--trying to remove the random dog hairs and making sure the flipping badges are lined up--is one of the sweetest compliments you can ever hear.


  1. Thanks Col Auld, I needed this today =) Here's my add:
    Know that you have no choice but to become a multi-tasking ninja! I've learned it's possible to wash the dishes, bathe the dog, clean the house, fold laundry, start dinner and maybe take a shower during nap time.

  2. Ha! These are great and I relate to all of them, especially clothes out of the dryer, and also out of a laundry basket! :-) Sheryll, you made me laugh with your comments! Women can juggle so many things, we've all learned great shortcuts! You should do a thread so we can harvest everyone's ideas! In terms of quick dinners, a huge shortcut for me is using a muffin tin - I make individual meatloaves, brownies, mini quiches, chicken pot pie, baked mac and cheese, lasagna and all sort of things in a muffin tin because it takes only about 1/4 of the time as a regular oven dish! For instance, the meatloaf is done in about 15 minutes at 350. I also use a 90 second rice packets, a microwave steam veggie packet and throw in some leftover chicken or shrimp and a can of drained pineapple chunks and some soy and sweet and sour sauce to make a fast stir fry. Cook a few eggrolls in the microwave while at the stove. I don't really enjoy cooking (daily stuff) so I've had to come up with some creative ways to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible and have some variety. :-) Keep up the website, it's a great idea!

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