Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I’ve been obsessing over the value of sharing stories between women who have been or still are in the Air Fore.  I have benefited often from advice and counsel from peers, supervisors and friends and feel strongly that there should be a “place” to capture these thoughts. 

So here are mine to get things started...

1.  Why did you join the Air Force?

I needed a way to pay for college! But I've stayed (22 years!) because I have loved the challenge and loved what I've been given the opportunity to accomplish.

2. What status have you held/currently hold (active duty, guard, reserve, retired, etc)

Active duty.

3.  What has been an unexpected highlight of being in the Air Force?

The cool quirky things you get to do - helicopter ride to the DMZ in Korea,  represent the AF at a meeting in Paris (oh hurt me!), get to visit with women air traffic controllers in Northern Iraq.

4.  What has been your greatest challenge?

Time management. And balancing between the demands of the job and my desires to take care of my family, and quite frankly, take care of myself.  Ever had a tasker that had to be answered and therefore you a: missed a trip to the gym b: missed lunch or c: almost didn't get the kids on time?  That's me, all the time.

5.  What is one thing you would change about the Air Force?

I wouldn't change the look of the uniform, but to update it with current cuts/styles/fabrics would be awesome.

6. What is one thing you would never change?

The integration of minorities and women - the AF has led civilian industry in this regard (in my opinion) and it makes for a rich and deep group of professionals.

7. What, now, would you tell your Airman Basic or 2nd Lieutenant self now?

Definitely seek counsel and advice, but remain true to yourself.  Don't be afraid to forge your own path.  Never trust anyone that says, "Do xxx and you will succeed" because there are so many ways to get there.

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