Sunday, March 17, 2013

Question of the Week - Carrying the Load

Remember these? I was issued one as a can actually purchase one here.

Then I was stationed in Korea, and everyone had one of these - 

or one of these - 

Both still available new here (although not at Osan prices).

Now I carry something like this - PLEASE do not call it a purse, gentlemen! Plus a gym bag that is not black therefore not technically legal, per the AFI quoted here.

Due to many, mnay years of deployments, I see quite a few gals carrying these, which would reduce my tote, gym bag, and sometimes lap top to 1 bag....but since HQ is in blues 4 days a week, it's not really blues appropriate.  I have this bag BTW, and for deployments (and sometimes Cub Scout camp outs) it is AWESOME.

So what do you carry?

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